Everybody already knows about the TPE sex dolls phenomena that are spreading all around the World. Created using the most advanced technology in Japan, they are so realistic that Japanese media convinced men that if you buy one, you’ll never need girlfriend. The silicone used in the creation of dolls allows a sensation of touch to the skin very realistic and it is also possible to articulate them.

tpe love doll

As the hi-tech is constantly developing new solutions, the revolutionary industry of sex dolls is evolving more and more raising the interest of people for this kind of toys. The most impressing fact about this new product is how realistic it looks and feels like human body. Everyone who have ever seen that agrees that it might me a fantasy that becomes reality. It has a design that may be personalized and the material imitates very well the feeling of a real woman skin. Made of special materials, which are more than silicone, the TPE sex doll has adjustable hands and head and a removable sex.

In addition, there are a lot of features the clients may opt for. For example, you may choose packages that include often a selection of clothing, including articles of sexy nurses, special lingerie, additional sexy toys or thematic costumes as articles of naughty police officers or secretaries. You can personalize your girls however you want to and they will also meet the phantasy of many men looking for a docile and quit woman.

Manufacturing processes and the evolution of technology provide the customers with a multitude of possible combinations giving them the opportunity to have a “unique” and “custom” doll. Practically, you can choose the color of hair or nails, the hairstyle, the weight and any other specifications. Moreover, this kind of sexual toys are designed to be placed however you may like, being very flexible and having a natural look in any position.

Even though you may think that silicon women are designed only for a special targeted audience, this is not true. Planned for sexual use (love dolls), TPE sex dolls also serve as realistic models for photo studios, lingerie catalogs, lingerie and hosiery stores but can be bought without sex or orifice as a work of art or decoration for collectors, photographers, lovers of women or for events in bars or nightclub.